Welcome. Wilkommen. أهلاً و سهلاً. марша дагIийла шу. Bonvenon. सवागत हैं. ברוכים־הבאים. Bem-vindos.

TZ: Hello, my name is Tamar Ziff

LH: And my name is Luisa Hill

TZ: And this is Outside the Bubble, online.

LH: Your number one source for

TZ: News

LH: Banter

TZ: Culture

LH: Puns

TZ: Knowledge

LH: Exclusive and exciting commentary

TZ: And music. We shall have music –

LH: For, those who danced were thought mad

TZ: By those who could not hear the music. Nietzsche. That’s deep, man

LH: As deep as the abyss

Outside the Bubble was founded in Fall 2012 by Tamar Ziff. It began as a running on-air analysis on current affairs, but has since grown – largely due to the added efforts of star co-host Luisa Hill – to be more: a debate on the philosophy of justice, an exploration of human success and failure, diplomatic gaffe beside devastating tragedy beside economic triumph and social malfeasance. Good music, good debate, good vibes, revolving around a reportage and discussion on the various foibles of world leaders and interesting individuals alike.  This is an attempt to take OTB radio off of the ephemeral airwaves and into the literally ever-lasting realm of digital media. 

We are also manifest supporters of: Putin Shirtless Fan Club; Fake News About Kim Jong Un (FNAK-JU); Dude, Where’s My Malaysian Airlines Flight?; Sarah PaLOLs; Hipster Angela Merkel; the ‘Not-Bad’ Obama meme; Claude Debussy; Sergei Rachmaninoff; The National band; all individual players on the Spanish and German national football teams; and “Socrates and Plato Go To White Cave” (coming soon to a theater near you)

Cover photo credit: Olga Loza


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